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The dawn of a new adventure

If you weren't already aware, Fresno has one of the the most kick-ass zoos in the country. In the fall of 2015, they launched a huge new expansion with their African Adventure and Hundred10 worked with them to develop a completely new responsive website to coincide with the launch. The project included lots of fun components, including a custom icon set and design and development of a new Visitor's Guide. As big fans and frequent patrons of the zoo, we were thrilled to be able to be a part of this and help put a new face on a local landmark.

A user-focused approach

During the architecture phase, extensive discovery was done to determine the primary user interests when using the Zoo website. The result was a significantly improved, fully responsive website that helped usher in a new branding era for the Zoo. Much attention was paid to putting the most common features and functions front and center on all device types.

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Charting the future

Concurrently with the development of the new website, Hundred10 began work on a completely new Visitor's Guide. Using aerial photos, existing maps, and even drone footage, a full illustration of the facilities map was created.

The icons have it.

A system of icons was created to help the Zoo further cement a unique brand for itself.

The results

Virtually all site metrics have dramatically improved since the launch. Unique visitors, average time spent, pages per visit – all have trended up in significant amounts.